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Complete Solar System Installations

Going green is the new way of life. Years of solar and battery knowledge has made it possible to run your RV completely off grid and still be able to live comfortably with life’s conveniences. Have us install a solar system and/or Lithium batteries while we replace your cooling unit. We did extensive research and we only use the best products that have been tested and proven to last for many years.

Estimated Cost Including Installation:

Using 250W and 300W panels and your batteries

300W Solar System with 300W Panel & Charge Controller $1236.00
750W Solar System with 250W Panels & Charge Controller $2127.00
900W Solar System with 300W Panels & Charge Controller $2530.00
1500W Solar System with 250W Panels & Charge Controller $3220.00

Suggested battery capacity is 150Ah for every 300W of solar.

Victron Energy solar installation

Inverter charger

Battleborn Batteries

GC3 Battleborn battery system

100 Amp Hour 12V Lithium Battery $956.25
100 Amp Hour 12V Lithium Battery w/heater $1061.25
270 Amp Hour 8D 12V Lithium Battery $2352.00
270 Amp Hour 8D 12V Lithium Battery w/heater $2452.00
270 Amp Hour GC3 12V Lithium Battery w/heater $2490.00

All Epoch Batteries Have Heated And Bluetooth Function

105 Amp Hour 12V Lithium battery                                                                                                                            $399.00

120 Amp Hour 12V Lithium Cranking Battery                                                                                                           $799.00

300 Amp Hour 12V Lithium Battery                                                                                                                            $1099.00

460 Amp Hour  12V Lithium Battery                                                                                                                           $1399.00


Mighty Bruin Deep Cycle Batteries

Mighty Bruin High Performance Batteries
24T85 (85AH)$110.00
24T100 (100AH)$118.75
AGM 8A24M (90AH)$359.00

Solar Panels

(Mounting Brackets Included)

310W Solar panel$255.00
250W Solar panel$235.00

Charge Controllers and Inverters

Victron 100 Amp Solar Charge Controller$787.17
Victron 60 Amp Solar Charge Controller$543.24
Victron 30 Amp Solar Charge Controller$277.56
Victron Multi Plus 2000W Inverter/Charger$1120.00
Victron Multi Plus 3000W Inverter/Charger$1233.13
Victron Multi Plus-II 3000W inverter/Charger$1350.00
Victron Bluetooth Dongle$100.00
Victron Smart Shunt$139.00
DC to DC Charger 30 Amp$240.00
DC to DC Charger 20 Amp$201.00
30 Amp converter (AC to DC)$200.00
18 Amp converter (AC to DC)$166.00
Soft Start for RV AC$300.00