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For Dometic Refrigerators

  You need a cold Fridge?? Look no further, we have Multiple options to make your Fridge perform like new again!! Pricing and Installation cost  at the bottom of the page 

Option #1 120V or 12V Conversion Converts your existing fridge to a residential fridge, which eliminates your Gas/Elect absorption system. This cooling unit is built with a dual compressor system for 4 door refrigerators and single compressor system for 2 door refrigerators standard with our universal fridge controller, (see below) which is designed specifically for our Hvac cooling units. This controller will eliminate your existing Norcold/Dometic controls on the front and back of the fridge.  A bonus is that there is no need to remove the windshield, door or window to get the old fridge out and a new one in, and you don’t have to go through the hassle of cutting or redoing the cabinets to make a new fridge fit. There is also no need to have your coach level anymore with this cooling unit, since this unit has compressors. At 80 degrees the duty cycle is at 52%. The double compressors will run independently of each other as needed. This cooling unit is designed to withstand hot humid temps and will keep your ice-cream hard with 70% faster cooling. 

Norcold Dometic double compressor cooling unit
norcold dometic single compressor cooling unit
universal double compressor control board

Option #2 Regular gas/elect- Hydrogen Charged-Absorption Unit    

On the larger or 4 door models it’s upgraded with bigger absorber coils. This will bring you double cooling capacity, meaning it will withstand hot, humid conditions and your ice cream will remain hard. While the smaller or 2 door models only carry a single coil, it’s still larger capacity and built (like they used to be) This unit will still have the LP gas function and is used largely for months of dry camping.  The boiler is designed for faster cooling and has thicker boiler tubing to eliminate the leak factor many Norcolds/ Dometics have. It’s covered with heavy-duty corrosion/rust resistant paint. 

gas electric Rv Refrigerator cooling unit

Option #3 Complete Fridge Replacement 120V or 12V
There comes a time when its time to replace/upgrade and move on with new &
better. These are made at our factory location in Shipshewana In as well. The
installation process is normally seamless and painless on your end, at the time
you schedule this one in, we will need pics of your existing fridge along with the
door side of the coach to help us visualize the setting. The 12V DC is the most
popular style because of power usage


  19 CUFT  12VDC or 120VAC Fridge  

Whether you are travelling by RV or living in a “Off Grid” setting, 12V Refrigeration is the new rage.  

  • No other power source needed, such as generator, inverter, grid power 
  • Easy hook up
  • Front eye level digital electronic controls
  • Double compressor/complete control over freezer or fridge separately 
  • Rollers with leveling legs 
  • Stainless Steel on a black box for easy cleaning
  • Interior LED lighting in both the freezer and fridge area 
  • No “in the way” handles, easy grab pocket handles
  • New cooling design, temperatures stay consistent thru out complete fridge compartment
  • Easy to clean glass shelving
  • Moisture sweat resistant between doors  
  • 3-year warranty 
  • Made by the people who use them 
  • Power consumption avg. 5.9A @ 12V DC  .26A @ 120V AC
  • NON-Explosive R134A Freon Refrigerant-12V/R600A-120

Cost: 12V $2725.00 – 120V $1995 *Free installation

                             Weight: 227lbs      33” W X 28.8” D X 72” H 

* Free factory installation includes cabinetry work, removal and disposal of the old fridge.  Additional charges may apply if doors or windows must be removed to get the fridge in and out of the coach (If a new 10ga wire must be added from fridge to battery its $200 for the wire, labor & 30-amp breaker) 

Dutchaire RV Refrigerator 120V
Dutchaire RV Refrigerator 12V

 For RM 1350 Dometic

**There are two different cooling units for the 1350, the regular and the         

  slim line (SL).  Check for a SL following the model number of your fridge.** 

 AC 120V Dual Compressor Cooling System:: $1200.00 

*DC 12V Dual Compressor Cooling System: $1250.00   

 *Gas/Elect  $1145.00  

Install cost $400

                     For Side X Side Dometic Fridge Models: 

DOM SXS Models: 1272/1282/1292/1492/7730/7732/7832/7030     

AC Compressor Cooling System: $1250.00                                                              

*DC Compressor Cooling System: $1300.00    

Gas/Elect $1250.00

Install cost $500


                                          for 6 and 8 cu ft. Dometic Fridge Models: 

DOM 8 Models: RM2852, RM2853, RM2862, RM3862, RM3863, RM4872, RM4873, NDR1062, RM3962  

DOM 6 Models: RM2652, RM2653, RM2662, RM3662, RM3663, RM4672, RM4673, DMR702  

AC Compressor: $735.00   

*DC Compressor: $785.00 

 Gas/elect:  $740.00

Install cost $250


* All DC 12V Models
Please Note: The 12V compressors have a low voltage shut off of 10.4V. So sometimes, the
existing 12V wires behind the fridge are not big enough to handle the load of the
compressors. In this case, a new 10-awg wire will need to be run from the batteries to the
back of the fridge with a 30-amp fuse/breaker inline.
(if a new wire is needed, its $200 total
for this option)

*All Gas/Elect Models
Please note: If your fridge is 10 years old or older, we highly recommend changing your
heating element and replacing your vent fans on the back. If your fridge doesn’t have any
vent fans, we require that a vent fan is installed for proper ventilation. If your fridge is in a
slide out, a slide out fan kit should be installed inside the top side vent. All Gas/Elect units
have a parts package that have all the options needed to make it all new again, ask for this
list of parts and cost that is available for your model, such as, heaters, fin fan, vent
fans, digital wireless thermometer